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    I'm preparing to build a brick vent in front of an Artigiano 100. Below are some background and my questions. I've attached a sketch. I have the 2? insulation boards, oven floor and oven set on top of my concrete slab in a corner install. I have 11? from the face of the oven to the front edge of my concrete structure (tighter than I would have liked, but it will have to do). I will be building the vent out of fire brick and plan to transition to a 6x10 opening to either a 4x8 clay flue or an 8? round metal flue (still working this part out). I will use 3? of ceramic insulation blanket on the dome and vent. The first 6? of the landing inside the vent from the face of the oven will be fire brick and I plan on bringing out a 4? piece of granite the rest of the way. I would really appreciate some words of wisdom!!!
    [LIST=1][*]1. I see that there is some forum talk about a thermal break b/w face of oven and the vent walls and arch. Do you suggest doing this and if so, what, if anything should I put in this void? Should I similarly thermal break the landing brick floor from the oven floor? If yes, do you put anything in this void?[*]2. Should I place insulation under the landing brick floor or simply set the brick on top of the concrete slab?[*]3. Will a 4? piece of granite hold up in the location where I plan to put it? How hot will it get?[*]4. Is 11? adequate depth for vent depth (from front to face of oven)? Changing it at this point is difficult, but if necessary, I can pick up an inch or so by moving the oven back. With the 11?, I only have 2 ?? in front of and behind the 6x10 vent opening. Could I get by with a 4x10 or would I have a smoke problem?[*]5. My mason is suggesting that I lay the granite on top of the concrete slab and then set the vent on top of this. This doesn?t seem proper to me from a heat loss and possible safety issue with the granite heating up on the vent sides. What is your suggestion?

    Thank You!!
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    Re: Artigiano Design Questions

    This looks similar to my layout...somewhat. However, I didnt use granite for my hearth, I used porcelain tile.
    1. I wouldnt have any void...if you fill in a void, it is no longer a void.
    2. I think you can set the landing bricks right on the slab. Something to keep in mind about the airflow. Hot air exits the oven chamber out the top 50% of the arch....cold air is pulled in through he lower 50%, therefore, much of the landing bricks will remain relatively cool. My landing bricks might only get to 200 degrees or so while the oven is raging at 1000 degrees.
    3. I think a 4" piece of granite will hold up to anything, and it shouldnt get hot at all. Your heat remains inside the oven chamber and up the chimney, as long as your chimney is functioning properly.
    4. 4 x 10 chimney? I dont want to touch that. There are others with more experience that I would yield to. I have an 8x8 clay chimney and it works beautifully.
    5. Personally, I would not lay the vent walls on the granite if you dont have to. The vent walls can get pretty hot, and if you have the entire surface area of the brick resting on the granite, the granite will act like a heat-sink and your granite might get pretty hot. I would put the vent wall on the slab, and take the granite right up to it.


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      Re: Artigiano Design Questions

      Thanks Jeeppiper!! Great feedback and I'm glad to hear that the landing brick should remain relatively cool...