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  • Foundation

    I am sure this has been asked before, If so and you can point me to the right thread Thanks.
    O.K. Do I have to use motar for my block base or do I just fill everyother core? Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Foundation

    If you have not learnt block laying skills it is far easier to use a masonry adhesive and glue the blocks together tightly. You may need to shim up the blocks in a few places to keep them level (I use washers) you do need to mortar the first course of blocks to establish position and level, then glue for the rest. Fill every second core with concrete and some steel reo.
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      Re: Foundation

      If you haven't already, take a look at the "treasures thread" compiled by Lburou (link below). It has lots of examples and good advice on the kinds of questions you'll have during an oven build.

      As for my build, I dry stacked my cement blocks and put bent rebar in every other hole. (Use half blocks so you get alternating overlaps.) I blocked alternating holes and set my top slab form so the bent rebar could be tied into the slab rebar. This effectively locked the entire oven base into a solid unit once the top slab got poured and concrete went down the open block holes. Instead of worrying about making my blocks level, I set my forms so that my slab top (when poured) was level...since that's really all I cared about.

      One advantage of the dry stacking is that initially (although it is extra work playing with different configurations) you can try different designs, layouts, and sizes with one layer of base blocks before actually committing to the full structure with cement and/or adhesive. I suggest cutting out a cardboard template that will be close to the actual oven base size-with insulation and finish work. That way you can properly gauge how your cooking area is going to work with your proposed block foundation and counter space layout...answering questions like; will you be hitting folks in the head with the peel; will you have enough space to pick up or put down the pies; will you have enough space underfoot to keep the winter snow/mud at bay, etc., etc. Putting on your forward-thinking cap at this stage of the layout is REALLY important. Another really good thread to read is "What would you do on a rebuild...")
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