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exposure of vermiculite during the winter?

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  • exposure of vermiculite during the winter?

    I am running out of time this year to finish the pizza oven, so I want to get to a good stopping point.

    I have my base poured and am going to do 4" of vermiculite. Can I pour the vermiculite and let it sit during the winter and resume next spring without any problems?

    I would wait a week or so so that it is dry from the last rain/snow melt.

    Logically, it would be no different than the mixture being saturated from being poured, but there may be some drying action during the initial cure that would be lost during the winter and it may absorb water.

    The reason I want to do it now rather than wait is that I have the form already set from the slab, so it would be easy to add the 4" form for the vermiculite.


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    Re: exposure of vermiculite during the winter?

    I live in a very different climate than yours, so take my advice with a "little grain of salt" .
    I think that you will be OK, if you can cover the vcrete with a tarp and or a couple of pieces of short scrap metal roof for the winter. I would place some spacers (like a few 2X2 rippings) between the tarp and the vcrete to allow for some air flow.
    However, If you can't keep it covered and dry for the winter, I would wait. freeze/thaw is not good for soft masonry .
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      Re: exposure of vermiculite during the winter?

      I agree with Gulf, but I would double tarp it. The sun can beat through the outer tarp and cause it to leak. I like the idea of a spacer of 2X2's also.

      You may also want to consider a bowed top Place a 2X4 across the center on edge and make a bowed roof out of several 1X2's nailed to the 2X4 and lay the tarps over that. Tie or weight them down good so they do not blow away.