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Oven Floor disaster

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  • Oven Floor disaster

    Hey guys.

    Great forum, So much helpfull advice.
    Been a reader for a while and used the tips to bulid my first WFO

    Unfortunatly my floor is a disater. Id rather not go into it but im left with a fully functioning oven with an EXTREMELY unleval floor made from fire bricks.

    I had the genius idea of fixxing it by making a floor out of fire clay. The fire clay didnt stick to the bricks and all rasied up and cracked.

    It is impossible to remove the bricks without destroying the oven.
    So i think i have 3 options.

    1. Level the floor with a motar mix and use it as my floor.
    2. Level the floor with motar and then place over some ceramic/clay floor tiles
    3. Have a go of making some refactory concrete and using that as my floor.
    My guess would be a 1/1/1 mix. 1 fire clay, 1 cement, 1 sand

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Oven Floor disaster

    Maybe a grinder would work better. I used one during the install of the dome.


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      Re: Oven Floor disaster

      Just so I understand, you have a layer of firebrick then a layer of fireclay?


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        Re: Oven Floor disaster

        OK, it looks like that is what you said you have. Get a cup wheel for your grinder, the larger the better, and grind it flat. Wear a respirator (not a dusk mask) and eye protection, and a shop vac will also help immeasurably.


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          Re: Oven Floor disaster

          madeye and welcome aboard.
          A photo or 3 would help us advise better, but as Tscarborough suggests, is what I would do. It will be a hell of a job, especially if you have a smaller oven. I had a similar exercise with a couple of proud brick edges, gear up with plenty of dust extraction as the dust you generate will make it impossible to see what you're doing, especially if you are leaning into the hearth blocking out the light. There is no way I would mix any coating as it will crack and break up.
          Even if you can remove the bricks (providing that your dome is not sitting on top of them) setting them up as in the oven and grind them out in the open. You can then put in a thin layer of fire clay and then bed the bricks into them with a mallet, but you need to get it right.
          Good luck.

          Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

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