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Planing stages for 40" castable in Iowa

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  • Planing stages for 40" castable in Iowa

    Hey all,

    Great day here in Iowa, finally doing post on my own oven. I would appreciate any ideas, corrections... on my plan. So here it goes:
    1. 40" Refractory Castable
    2. interior height 18"
    3. opening width 20"
    4. opening height 11 1/3"
    5. 2.5" thick walls
    6. layer of radiant heat barrier
    7. 2" Ceramic blanket for insulation
    8. 4" loose vermiculite on top of the blanket
    9. 4" concrete heart
    10. 4" vermiculite concrete or 2" FB Board
    11. firebrick floor
    12. oven sits directly of firebrick
    13. 8" chimney

    I do have a question regarding the vent above the door, the shape and size. Does the vent area needs to be bigger then the chimney or roughly the same? Is it better to have wider vent opening that about as wide as the opening width or more of square centered above the opening? See 2 vent options on my drawing.

    Thank you all for your help in advanced!!!
    Click on image to enlarge

    Click on image to enlarge

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    Re: Planing stages for 40" castable in Iowa

    Really, my plan can't be that perfect to have no suggestions