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Irish Build - sizes and Quantities

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  • Irish Build - sizes and Quantities

    Ok so i plan build my oven in few weeks. waiting for weather get better so i can pour support slab 1st.

    My plan is as follows.

    36" inner floor diameter

    16.2" height (90% of rad dome height)

    10.2" max curved door height (63% dome height)

    Brick arched outer arch for chimney with slanted inner walls for draft efficency and 6" flue

    4" vermacrete base under firebrick cooking floor

    split bricks for dome

    3" incul blanket and a 3-4" vermacrete finish

    so by the forno instructions i need sht efoolow

    120 full bricks for dome
    60 full bricks for floor

    is this enough brick?

    180 total for oven and 30-50 std bricks for arch. i have hundreds on normal brick for external arches and decroative work

    Its just number of fire brick i need i want make sure i have right