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Cinder Block Stand, Mortar or No Mortar?

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  • Cinder Block Stand, Mortar or No Mortar?

    When building the stand out of cinder block, why stack the blocks vs. mortaring them? If stacked then we need to fill every other hole with rebar and concrete to add stability. If each block is mortared then no such additional support is necessary. It would seem easier to me to just mortar each block in place. Please comment.


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    Re: Cinder Block Stand, Mortar or No Mortar?

    If you are experienced with laying up concrete blocks with mortar, by all means do it that way. I think you get a more professional looking job. The dry-stack-and-fill method is almost as strong, and designed for amateur builders. It also saves time: it makes a three day job into a one day job.
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