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  • Insulation questions

    I built a 36? dome oven.

    Oven floor is 5? of ceramic board with 2 layers of fire brick. Walls are 2 layers of fire brick and 4? of ceramic blanket.

    I cured to about 700*F and have had about 15 fires ranging from 350 to 550 cooking different things. I plan going hotter for pizza and to play around with other foods just have not had the time.

    I pulled off the ceramic blankets to check for cracking. I'm ready to do the outer layer brick, but have not decided what to use as a filler between the blankets and the outer brick.

    I have thought about using a vermiculite cement mixture or just using a poring vermiculite in until I get a few inches above the top of the blankets. If I go with a cement mix I will have to do it in 2 or 3 batches because of the thickness I need.

    If I do go with cement do I need to let it cure before having any more fires?
    Anyone have any thoughts out side of the box?