We have just started the process of designing our next home. The debate is whether to build a WFO in the kitchen or put it outside as part of a grill/outdoor kitchen build. We live in Durham, NC (USA) and the question becomes will I/we us the WFO more if it is in the house or outside. My concern regarding an interior build is that it will make the house way too hot to use the oven in the summertime which essentially runs April till mid-October. However, an outside build will require us dodging the local flying vampires 'aka mosquitoes' from June till October.

If you have done a WFO inside your house, does it generate a lot of heat outside the oven? I cant seem to find any specs on heat loss on FB modular ovens in the interior setting. Do you think you use the oven more or less because the WFO is integrated into your regular kitchen vs in an outside kitchen?