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    Hello all!

    I'm Frank, just call me Frank for short.

    My parents (old school Italians) have always wanted to build an outdoor pizza oven.

    My question to you all is how. I know there is probably invaluable information on this forum, but I have a few questions in regards to the construction of the oven.

    My parents being the loving people that they are love to entertain. So they wanted a oven/firepit/fireplace combo that could fuel one another. (IE: Firepit heats oven type deal).

    Can anyone just answer a few questions for me:

    1.) Does anyone know of or have any designs for such a build?

    2.) Are there any special bricks that need to be used when building the "support" structure of the oven/fireplace? (Cinder blocks? Red bricks? Anything but wood?)

    3.) When building the oven, I've heard that the oven walls are lined with fire bricks? Now are these safe to place food on? If not is there a special sealant that can be placed on them prior to installation?

    4.) Is there any special sizing things I should be aware of (Flue size? Does size matter *rimshot*)

    I know building these things is an art, so I appreciate any help that you all can give me.

    Thank you!