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Wishing to start first WFO

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  • Wishing to start first WFO

    Have a few questions before I start my WFO.

    First I haven't decided what i'm building yet. Where I live now I would not want a permanent build. I like the idea of building on a trailer but can not afford a cast modular kit or the freight to ship it.

    Can a "brick" dome oven survive the road ? ( I had hard time searching a build )

    The Firebrick I bought seem very soft. doesn't take much to knock crumbles off. I am worried about brick crumbles getting into pizza

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    Re: Wishing to start first WFO

    Lots to discuss here.

    i think your only viable option for portable is the modular oven. A brick oven cannot take the stress and vibration. besides the weight alone would make it a challenge and why do to all that work to watch it turn into rubble. Several builders have constructed cast ovens themselves. Look for those as a way to stay on budget.

    As far as your current situation and not wanting a permanent build; option 1- i would suggest the artigiano ovens from FB (if you could postpone and save some $), you could take that with you. or option 2-build a small oven and you will have a blast and meet all kinds of good folks in the process and be a better builder from it. Then if you have to leave it-you should recoup some of your investment (if you location will allow it to be built) and bless the new tenants with a great tool. option 3-spend some time here and build a cast oven that you can take with you. Find those builders that built one and reach out. I bet they will help.

    Firebricks may crumble slightly on corners, but should be dense and very stable. Did you purchase them new? Do you know the quality of the brick (medium duty, etc.) Alumina content ?

    Sometime questions cause more questions, but that is progress.

    Texman Kitchen


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      Re: Wishing to start first WFO

      Thanks for the reply. I like the idea of building perminate oven for practice but feel I would get much more use out of mobile oven. I will start researching how to cast my own pieces. I was thinking 36 - 42" range.

      The firebricks I bought are low or medium duty. The only type they had. I will call them and ask


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        Re: Wishing to start first WFO

        My mobile oven uses fire brick. However, the brick units are relatively large, which means fewer chances for the dome to fail. There is also a cabling system that ties the dome down to reduce vibration. Le Panyol makes the core for the oven. If you are looking for inspiration on how to do a mobile oven on the cheap, look at Veraci Pizza's mobile oven. Their website is They have a fleet of these simple ovens that span out across Seattle every evening to bring pizza to the people.