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Above Ground Deck Install

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  • texman
    Re: Above Ground Deck Install


    welcome to the forum.
    There are several builds underway and completed using wood for a base. Some have incorporated wheels as well. The oven you have is listed as 450 lbs. So with a concrete base and the weight of the stand you will be around 1000# i would guess. I wouldn't be too concerned with moving it around just because of the weight. I would suggest that you consider the 250# that will be concentrated to about 1 sq inch under each of those casters. If you have a wooden deck, you will want to distribute that somehow. Many builders have done the casters and most admit it never moves after completion.

    Also, have you checked out the stand that FB store offers? Cucina


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  • blman66
    started a topic Above Ground Deck Install

    Above Ground Deck Install

    Hi FB'ers !

    Ciao -

    I'm have a particular dilemma that I would appreciate feed back on.

    1. The deck is 16 feet above the ground so a concrete/cinder block base is out of the question.
    2. I'm planning on installing a Giordano 70 on my above ground deck so I can carry up the components one at a time.
    3. What options do I have for a movable base ? since a dont want a permanant structure on my deck.
    4. Can I construct a wooden base with casters topped with 2" (or more) of concrete sheeting and then install the oven over that ?

    All responses are sincerely thanked for in advance