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Insulation thickness and type

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  • Insulation thickness and type

    I have been trying to figure out how to calculate how much insulation to use.

    I am thinking that I am not really interested in heating up a few hundred pounds of bricks, so am thinking of the internal just being straight insulating fire-brick. I understand the point of the heat absorption, but would rather just have direct fire heat.

    How thick would I want this?

    And would I put something else after this? If you did not have the oven running for days at a time would any further insulation be necessary/economical?

    the big bonus of just fire-brick insulation is the price, if I put anything else, not only do I have to pay for that, but than probably also some a layer of normal brick (or whatever to cover it and protect it form the weather). And then it is like 3 times heavier, and I need to increase the foundation.

    So would 1-1.5 inches (or you tell me) of fire brick be good enough, particularly considering a couple hour use at a time would be the norm?

    what are your opinions on this.