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Pizza oven new build- need suggestions

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  • Pizza oven new build- need suggestions

    Hello everyone
    Im going to build a mobile pizza oven and need some suggestions.

    here is a couple photos of what im building..

    2013-10-08_1012 - BIGBOB1's library

    2013-10-08_1011 - BIGBOB1's library

    I live near a National Refractory supplier so I can get anything from them.

    The base I was looking at a using a wood mold that would be 2-3 inches high to fill the base. The first layer would be 1 inch or so INSULATED refractory cement. Then follow with mid to high temp fire bricks on top.

    For the Pizza Oven I was going to use refractory cement on the first coat then the second use insulated refractory cement then refractory cement to finish top. ?????

    would I need chicken wire in-between layers?

    any suggestions I would appreciate???

    would you use the medium or high rated fire bricks?

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    Re: Pizza oven new build- need suggestions

    I will also be using sand as the mold for dome....?????