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  • For My "Next" Build...

    Having just completed my first, possibly last WFO, here are my afterthoughts. I think of it as "If I had it to do over."
    I would build my pavilion roof first, after marking off the pad.
    I would leave an opening in the back as well as the front of the wood storage area, and put an air vent in the doors. Somewhat less crawling around during wood handling, and better air flow. Essentially, I would build two "C" shapes instead of a "U."
    I recommend using lintels. Inexpensive, and nicer to work with. Just a better job.
    When it's time for the arch for your oven opening, I would recommend building a flat opening where the chimney is going, and then creating the arch. This makes for a much easier and more stable chimney install.
    When building the dome, definitely wedge-cut your bricks after the first or second course, as the tighter fit will conserve expensive refractory mortar. Harbor Freight has an inexpensive electric water-cooled cutter that will give you a nice job.

    Good luck to all: It's a lot of work, but worth it!