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Criticism of my WFO idea?

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  • Criticism of my WFO idea?

    Hi all,

    first post here, and I hope you will forgive the first post being a question that may or may not have been asked before.

    I found I have thick clay soil here, but it is somewhat deep. I could dig it up, but it'd be heaps of work.

    I had another idea. I know someone who sells insulating ceramic blanket. Not like in the walls of your house, but for the inside of forges and foundries etc. This stuff, on the inside of my forge, insulated well enough to conserve enough heat to make damascus steel.

    What I was thinking was, to cut a 44 gallon drum in half, cover it with one, maybe two layers of this blanket, then render it (with the assistance of a layer of chicken wire).

    Is insulation enough, or is it better to have a high-density wall that absorbs and re-radiates heat?

    I'd be most appreciative of any feedback on this idea.