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    Hey All,

    I'm planning to start my WFO build in around 5 months when the weather warms up a little bit, however I want to lay the foundation slab now whilst I'm laying some other slabs around the backyard.

    My question is what size does it have to be, as the area I'm building it in isn't the largest, so I don't want to take up too much space if I can help it.

    I plan to use the WFO for pizzas (2 at a time?) and perhaps bread etc, for family use.

    All knowledge/tips/tricks are appreciated


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    Re: Foundation Size

    Hey Matt - Welcome aboard, you will find plenty of information here to help you along. A good dredge through the threads will reveal plenty. For a start on dimensions for your slab the plans are in the thread attached. It all comes down to how big an oven you want to build and that has plenty of considerations to allow for.

    I have a 36" Pompeii and it does a couple of pizza at a time and all of the other things that the WFO is good for. The roast meats come out prime. Once you have figured out how big and if you want a doghouse or an igloo then the slab size will be easy for you to determine.

    Good luck with it.

    The link to the plans
    Cheers ......... Steve

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      Re: Foundation Size

      Download the Forno Bravo Pompeii plans as they will help. They list out a number of foundation sizes. Next you could do some cutouts of the size dome you want. If you do it right, You will have 4.5 inches of Brick on each side + 3 inches of insulating blanket, + an inch of mortar and stucco if you go with an igloo.

      That is 36in + 16 or 52 inches. This leaves no room for an overhang of the hearth slab for looks or a Doghouse build.

      So depending on which style you choose it will be roughly 55 - 60 inches wide and then about 12-20 inches longer in the front. For the entry and reveal.

      Ultimately mine was 69 inches wide X 76in long - However I am building a 42in oven.

      My slab was a bit wider as I left about 4 inches on either side of my block.

      Good luck.
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        Re: Foundation Size


        Here is a link to some of the well documented builds plus there are many more not on the list. You just need to scour the forum and take bit and pieces and do what works for you. There is some great advice here and some that may not be as great. In the end the people here want everyone to succeed.
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