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Clay Oven Liners

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  • Clay Oven Liners

    I've seen these a couple of times and stopped for some pics.

    The smallest I saw was 55cm or about 22 inches whereas the larger ones go to at least 1.25 meters or about 50 inches

    There was a stack of liners of all sizes, the brick oven in front was built out of bricks but with a clay liner inside and there was a steel frame nearby that also held a 90cm liner.

    It would seem that starting with a clay liner would be a pretty easy way to start making an oven......?
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    Re: Clay Oven Liners

    Hey Jim,
    If you think about it, the Forno Bravo precast ovens are basically a high-end version of a clay liner. They are a lot more serious, but that is what they do -- providing the dome, the floor, the vent and the door (along with insulation and the tools). They are a lot heavier, and they aren't clay, but the idea is the same.

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