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  • Primavera 70 Questions

    A few questions as I consider buying a P70. Apologies if I've missed answers in existing threads, I've looked high and low and can't seem to find...

    Will my P70 on the metal stand have any problem sitting on my existing patio? Existing patio has gravel base, rebar reinforced and I would guess 3-6" thick. Covered in snow right now so can't measure. Would it matter if it were centered vs. on a corner? Or moot point? I assume it wouldn't be a problem but need regardless of location but need to know if I should just pour a new slab for the oven/stand to sit on. Don't want the existing patio cracking.

    How much insulation is there in the P70 dome and hearth/floor? I can't seem to find this in the forums nor in the P70 marketing collateral on FB.

    I thought I read in a thread that you can't close the door while cooking and then re-open. Is this correct? But you can close when you are done? Or is the door only for closing when not in use? Confused on utility/usage of the door in general.

    Does the door that comes with the P70 insulated? Should it be?

    Sorry for the noob questions and thanks for the help in advance.

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    Re: Primavera 70 Questions

    Bump. Anyone?


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      Re: Primavera 70 Questions

      This forum is primarily for oven builders. If you want to know information regarding Forno Bravo products, then you should direct your questions to them.

      The FB moderators may see your post and reply to it, but why wait, just call them yourself.
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        Re: Primavera 70 Questions

        Your patio should be just fine - the stand will distribute the weight. I believe the FB door is just steel plate. It's probably not as efficient as some of ours but it obviously works well enough. In regard to the insulation, refer to the specs on their site. The issue of opening the door while cooking I think was referring to a fire inside. The inrush of air can make it "interesting" I personally never had a problem but i open it slowly.
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          Re: Primavera 70 Questions

          Much appreciated Les!