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Checking if I am on the right track

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  • Checking if I am on the right track

    Hi just want to show where I am up to and hopefully have some feedback on what I am proposing to do.
    So far, as can be seen in the pictures I have completed the following:
    Have built base from Bessarabia bricks.
    Heat bed is 150mm of decomposed granite, packed tight.
    40mm clay tiles laid completely over the top.
    Have built frame and worked out where the bricks go for the arch.
    Also nearly completed the cover over the top.
    Have sourced clay from the brick works where I got the bricks and the half size clay pavers for inside the oven. I assume if the clay is good enough for bricks that are fired in furnaces then should be fine for pizza oven.

    Next steps would need some advice but they are:
    Use fire mortar and form the inner sides of the oven. The pavers are 100 wide and I am thinking of double stacking them to make a 200mm wall on the inside. Any thoughts?
    Form oven with sand and position flue etc.
    Hot face is a mixture of clay, brickies sand, crusher dust, little cement and sisal rope fibres as binder agent. This will 50mm thick.
    25mm fibre blanket over whole oven and then covered in chicken wire.
    Add a layer of vermiculite clay and sand 50mm and then final layer of render to smooth the oven. This final layer will also be coloured to match the base.

    The flue will be 150mm stainless and am wondering the best way to have a damper for the flue?

    Other then the above there will be a temp gauge and a steel door on the front.

    Thanks in advance for the help.