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Pre-made wood fire clay ovens

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  • Pre-made wood fire clay ovens


    A newbie to this forum searching for some advice.

    I recently acquired a new clay wood-fired oven for christmas. I have no experience with wood-fired ovens, but from my light reading I know that for new builds the oven needs to be seasoned with different fire temperatures to prevent cracking. As tempted as I am to light it up full boar and start cooking food inside it, does anyone have any recommendations for what I should be doing before and after to ensure I can get many years out of this.

    I've attached a couple of pictures of the product.

    Cheers and thanks for any advice!

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    Re: Pre-made wood fire clay ovens

    Hello Weebok 15

    There is a section on this forum devoted to oven curing. Basically you should heat it up to lower temperatures gradually raising the temperature over several days.

    The oven should have come with directions.

    Good luck with your new oven and take a look at the cooking section at the bottom of this forum. These ovens do more than just Pizza.



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      Re: Pre-made wood fire clay ovens

      Is a link to an oven like yours. It's being modified.
      You can put an imput?
      Regards dave
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        Re: Pre-made wood fire clay ovens

        Slow, gradual oven-curing is required for new, hand-built brick ovens that retain moisture from mortar and wet-cutting bricks. If this cast oven has been sitting any length of time, this will not be an issue. If you pour a vermicrete floor insulation slab, this will need a period of time to cure, longer if you set the oven on top of it before it dries.

        It a good rule to bring any ceramic oven up to temp gradually every time you fire it.