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Q: about dry-stacking CMUs for the stand

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  • Q: about dry-stacking CMUs for the stand

    been searching the FAQs but didn't quite find an answer...

    CMUs i.e. 8x8x16 concrete blocks aren't really those dimensions, right? About 3/8" shy in each direction, I'm sure to consider morter joints. So what do folks do about dimensions when they dry-stack their blocks?

    For example, a 64" dimension (4x16" blocks) will only be 62.5". So if dry-stacking are you really building smaller platforms? Or putting in slop to "stretch" things out to 64? (would seem like a lot of slop to me)

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    Re: Q: about dry-stacking CMUs for the stand

    3/8 or 10 mm is a standard mortar joint and house brick and block aren't as wide by this to account so block can be laid around a corner.
    Use a tape when you dry stack block to measure the diagonals from corner to corner. If they are not the same you'll have to adjust the block and the gapes till it is. But once the first layer done you can just follow that leaving some gapes and you'll be alright
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      Re: Q: about dry-stacking CMUs for the stand

      If you dry stack you will end up with some gaps that can be filled and rendered over. The core filling will make sure that it all stays put. Dave has it right with the getting things square with the diagonals.

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        Re: Q: about dry-stacking CMUs for the stand

        Thanks Dave & Steve for the details. Makes sense now, no need to worry about gaps. And thanks for the pics for your builds and doors. I can even see some of the gaps in your builds. People like me learn lots from people like you & your posts.