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How about ZONOLITE? Does it work?

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  • How about ZONOLITE? Does it work?

    We have found a Vermiculite product that is called Zonolite, made by Grace Co.
    It is used for "masonary insulation" and fills block cavities. It is apparently coated with a water repellent. I also see that Grace has a specially formulated Vermiculite used for lightweight concrete mixes.
    The problem is that we can't get that here.

    Do you think that the "masonary insulation" product would work for the pompeji oven?
    Thanks so much.
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    Re: How about ZONOLITE? Does it work?

    VIncent, from what I understand , the silicone coating makes it unuseable for the insulating hearth, as it will not mix and bond correctly with the portland cenment, which is why grace makes the other kind. I am planning on using it as my loose insulation over the dome though. I dont think there will be a problem with that. Anyone? Have you checked the garden supply places, agway, blue seal, or any hydroponic graden center? hope this helps -marc