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  • spalling brick

    I was reading a tread a while back about finishing any gaps on the inside of the oven and the likely hood of spalling or chipping from the heat if this was not done. If I remember right someone posted that the edges heat up faster than the brick and the can cause the brick edge to chip. I work with glass and send much of my work to be tempered which is a process that simply put heats the glass up very fast then cools to room temp within minutes. anyway the glass must have an eased edge so as not to break in this fast heating process. That sharp edge would heat up too fast. I know that most fire brick is quite I don't want to say sharp but very crisp at the edges, I was wondering if the edges were eased a bit this would make them less likely to spall or chip. I know this is true in most things we do with many materials tile wood ect.
    Just I thought to throw out there.

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    Re: spalling brick


    Spalling of brick in a WFO is usually caused from using brick/and or mortar that is not rated for use at the temps that an oven operates. The recommended brick is medium duty firebrick with 38% alumina content. These bricks do cost more but a new tooth is even more expensive. I think your suggestion to smooth is a good idea but if you use the right brick it is unnecessary IMO.

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      Re: spalling brick

      Been using my oven over 6 years - no problems with the edges.
      Check out my pictures here:

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