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24" oven build

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  • 24" oven build


    So im here to build an oven!

    Been reading alot on this forum about ovens, refractory mixes, homebrews from helpful posts from the likes of cobbler dave, david s, ironpony and a bunch of others so decided to get busy on my own one.
    For as little as possible. homebrew I hear you say! hmm

    I set out building a 36" off the casag90 dimentions and got as far as the mould/form stage which has been put on hold due to finances space ect ect ill attach a few pics so far! this will be in the pipeline in a few months. and will be made as best as opossible refreactory mixes blanket stucco/rendred (uk) dome

    The oven

    For now im going with a small 24" based on the giardino60 but based on the astetics of the primavera enough for 1 pizza or a few loafs.

    The requirment

    A good looking oven that can cook flawlesly and retain heat for hours to cook breads and lower temp foods all in a portable compact design.

    The plan

    Using a sand form with a wooden box in the middle so its not too heavy. thinking of mixing the sand with water and pva glue (wood glue) so it keeps shape and a swing jig/wiping template to shape the dome before it dries.

    casting it in one peice @ 2" thickness using homebrew mix of 3 parts sand 1 lime 1 portland 1 fireclay

    Adding small plastic fibres to aid steam dispertion through the tunnels they leave on melt away instead of steam cracking the dome on escape

    Ommiting steel neddles as its a very small one peice and should be pretty strong

    For insultion ill be using ceramic blanket (expensive/light)or perlite/portland mix (cheaper/heavy) of 5parts perlite 1 part portland probably go with cheaper option

    using a poured hombrew mix floor at a 2" thickness made from sand/lime/port/fclay

    For the final finish ill be using a home made stucco(usa)render(uk?) to david s recipe 1 part cement 1 part hydrated lime 4 parts sand

    I imagine the whole process to be pretty cheap and have made some rough calculation/guesses..

    Im in the uk so will go with pound sterling

    for the form a few 25kg bags of sand @about ?8 max all in

    For the dome I can make 150kg of homebrew prob enough for two of this size for about ?30 so will make a half batch keep the other materials for the insulation and stucco/render

    insulation ill need perlite not quite sure how much but a 100l bag is about ?15 2 perhaps so say ?30 and a bit of the portland left over

    the stucco/render
    ill use left over materials and maybe have to buy a few more bits to top up what ive used all in all i think i can make this for under ?90hmmm

    ill be starting this weeknd with the form/sancastle so pics to follow!

    thoughts suggestions comments all welcome thanks