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  • New Giardino Oven

    So, As per my 'introduction' thread I have been tasked with building us a pizza oven in the back garden. I don't mind as I love Pizza!

    The long haired general has decided on the Giardino series, probably the 70, and as I have been doing some significant ground work anyway (lifting a patio, demolishing a shed and building decking!) I have already cast the base for the oven.

    The next thing is to build a stand, and this will be done out of hollow block and re-bar, I am thinking about doing that this year (main oven will probably be next) and putting a temporary roof over the frame as this can then store and dry some of the wood we have in the garden from clearing some overgrown trees. (30' Hawthornes!).

    So any suggestions on the plan of building in 2 discrete sections, i.e. frame up to angle bar for hearth, then remainder next year, with a temporary roof over in the meantime? Will this work, will moisture be an issue etc.

    I have a feeling that the project might accelerate if I get the base built, but that isn't a bad thing.

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    Re: New Giardino Oven

    OK, having just spoken to the UK distributor it appears the Giardino type are no longer available in the UK.

    I have already cast the base I was planning to build on as part of a bigger project to install some decking in the back garden - I had to do it at this stage so I could get the frame right for the deck. Therefore I will need to build an oven for which this base is the correct size (or over size).

    I am waiting for the UK distributor to get back in touch with some suggested alternative ovens for me, and will have to chat through with them what else will fit on the base.

    The UK website is not very clearly laid out - to the point that the contact email seemed to go to the US, and was then passed to Australia - slightly odd. I'm sure that I will be able to source an oven to fit my base, but if it will be as easy a solution as the Giardino I'm not sure. The last thing I want to do is take out any of the decking and re-lay the base, as this would cost a LOT of money to replace any damaged deck boards (composite, made to order).



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      Re: New Giardino Oven

      Well, I rang the UK place again yesterday, and again was due to get a ring back, but didn't.

      I have found an importer who are based less than 3 miles from home and are happy for us to call in and have a look.

      We are going to have a look when we get chance, but this place was very helpful, so we will see.