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Cooking surface

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  • Cooking surface

    Hi Guys
    I have built my base and am ready to start the interesting bits!
    I have a hearth sorted I just need to know what to use for the cooking surface
    Is it safe to use vermiculite cement? clay tiles?
    I thought prehaps a solid natural stone slab would be ideal as you can buy stone baked pizza.
    I have ask around and no one seems to know
    I have also had beeen told to use a metal plate
    Can anyone advise, The product need to be easily available
    Thanks Cass

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    Re: Cooking surface

    Hey Cass,

    Firebricks are perfect. They get hot, re-heat efficiently and do a good job of holding pizza heat.
    Pizza Ovens
    Outdoor Fireplaces


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      Re: Cooking surface

      Thanks James
      Are they safe to cook directly onto?


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        Re: Cooking surface

        Is firebrick safe to cook on? Absolutely. Vermiculite cement would get into the food and is not a good heat sink (it is an insulator). Firebrick is the material most ovens here use for the floor.