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Heat profile of the "as designed" oven

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  • Heat profile of the "as designed" oven

    Has anybody done a fair scientific heat profile on the pompeii oven as it is designed in the ebook? I would like to see one with at least a thermocouple embedded in the cooking surface and one within 1 inch of the dome surface and while I'm dreaming here one on the dome outer surface. Fire to a clean dome and then plot temperatures to time and get a graph.

    I want to know if the as designed oven will give me at least 2 hours in the 425F to 350F range.

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    Re: Heat profile of the "as designed" oven

    All right another geeky engineer. Do a seach on "probes" and maybe another on "Temperature profile" About a year or two ago somone poseted some detail graphs of temperature and time for firing up the oven and cooling down.

    Also consider slow cooking where your cook for a longer time at a lower temperature., With the food product (meat) covered by foil it will still be quite moist. if you are thinking bread then you may need to charge the fires to a slightly higher temp, steam the oven with a sorayerand then toss in the dough.