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Crack resistant concrete

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  • Crack resistant concrete

    Can I use crack resistant concrete for the hearth slab? I have a bunch of bags on hand ( Product Information Error Page ), but I'm not sure if its ok or not. I don't plan on using a percrete layer above it, but rather the superisol instead.

    If it is ok to use, can I mix it with standard concrete? The reason I ask is b/c I only have half the amount needed for the hearth slab, so i was thinking about mixing the crack resistant and regular in a one to one ratio.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Re: Crack resistant concrete

    Crack resistant Concrete. whats that? We recently added a legal disclaimer to the contracts addressing cracks because we have had so much trouble with the quality of redi mix..Even the concrete company we use has one for their pea gravel mix. Pretty scary hu?
    Anyway if you are talking about fiber mix this will be fine and can be used just the same as the other stuff and it will mix together fine with no "reaction" the only thing you may get is some fibers sticking out of the finished slab which is no biggy if they really bother you you can use a propane torch to melt them away. Being that you will be only using this for half the mix you probably will never see them...