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questions about perlite and vermiculite

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  • questions about perlite and vermiculite


    I am new to this forum and am building an oven in my backyard in ohio. the block stand is built but before I go any further i had a few questions about which type of insulation would be best for me.

    Does vermiculite expand and contract each time you use your oven?

    Can you put vermiculite or perlite up against the firebrick dome with no layer of insulfrax? Can they handle the direct exposure to high heat? What happens if you do????

    Is perlite ok to use in the insulating layer of the concrete hearth slab mixed with concrete???

    thanks for your help in advance : P

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    Re: questions about perlite and vermiculite

    Hi hoerath7

    I have recently completed my Pompeii and have tried to explain it's construction and details with photos commencing at: (Neill's Pompeii #1)

    then continued with the build where the pics were supposed to be at: (Neill?s Pompeii #4)

    and then again at: (Neill's Pompeii #10)

    because one of my postings was moved.
    Instead of plastering the dome with vermiculite cement (I know they use the term concrete, but to me concrete has aggregate or gravel, sand and cement in it), you can construct an enclosure (fence or wall and a roof) and simply pour in the insulation. This has the advantage of being able to access the outside of the dome without major problems and patch-up or repair.
    All the answers to your questions are in my postings, so check them out. Send me an email if you have anything else that you wish to know about my construction if you feel it not applicable to this forum (for whatever reason).

    Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

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    Neillís Pompeiii #1
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      Re: questions about perlite and vermiculite

      thanks for your help neil

      I like that idea of pouring in loose vermiculite around the dome so I can access it if need be. I read through almost all of the links you gave me to other posts... it was a big help! If i run into any problems or anything specific I will shoot you an email!

      Your oven is beautiful. Very impressive to look through all the photos you posted!