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advantages with super iso boards

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  • advantages with super iso boards

    what are the advantages and disavantages with superiso as oposed with cement and insulation cement bonded together. I used about 6 in of cement then my super iso on top of that. Is there greater heat loss with super iso? Looks like most people usen the vermiculite cement mix.

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    Re: advantages with super iso boards

    There is less heat loss with superisol, but vermiculite/cement is less expensive and more readily fabricated/accessible to the average builder.


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      Re: advantages with super iso boards

      The SuperIsol under oven insulation hasn't been around that long, and it is becoming much more popular. With the installation guide re-writes, I think it will become even more popular.

      Maver hit the nail on the head. It's a little more expensive, but much easier to install, and your oven will hold heat better and perform better through less heat loss. Peter installs a lot of our ovens (in NorCal) and cooks in different ones all the time, and he thinks the floor heat stays more even across the floor with the SuperIsol.

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