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Vermiculite / best Foundation Mix

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  • Vermiculite / best Foundation Mix

    Hi All

    Ive built my main base for the oven --- have the firebricks ready for my 40ins
    pompeii oven..

    I would like to ask those who have experience what is the best mix for the vermiculite insulation for the base of the oven

    I have heard its
    5 vermiculite to 1 cement and 1 sand and should be 3 ins thick

    I have 2 large bags of a medium course vermiculit so Im ready to go

    If anyone who has built can advise it would be great



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    Re: Vermiculite / best Foundation Mix

    5 vermiculite
    1 portland cement
    No sand

    It's advised to mix it by hand, to keep the vermiculite from compressing. It will look and feel wierd, if you are used to regular concrete. Just dump it in, four inches deep, and gently pat it down on top with your trowel. It will harden up fine.
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      Re: Vermiculite / best Foundation Mix

      Hi Ross,
      I echo Dmun's formula. That is exactly what I mixed for my 40" Pompeii.
      The complete build, including the vermiculite/cement mixing hint and pics are on the following post:

      The whole build is in the Brick oven pics under Neill's Pompeii #$ and again in Neill's pompeii #10. Check them out, it might be of assistance to you. Feel free to email me direct for extra help if needed.

      Hope it helps.


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        Re: Vermiculite / best Foundation Mix

        Cheers Guys

        As ever sound advice from the forum