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How far to cantilever the Hearth Slab?

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  • How far to cantilever the Hearth Slab?

    (M) I plan to get the plywood for the Hearth Slab pour tomorrow. I have decided against cantilevering the sides of the Hearth slab Robert, so clarification of my doubling of 2"x6"s is now moot.

    (M) However, I would like to extend the slab toward the cook and was thinking of about 6". Robert Musa's Hearth slab extension seems to be about that much.

    (M) If there are pros and cons for a greater or lesser extension please let me know. I want a place to rest the food after it has been in the oven and I realize that I could simply place the igloo farther from the cook. But I like the look of the extension and would like to read what others suggest.


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    my oven has a very slight cantilever on one side, and the firewood opening facing the corner creates a similar type overhang. bear in mind that the farther back you set the oven the farther you have to reach to get to the oven. this only really matters with me for firestarting and adding wood, and i'm glad i'll have the extra space (i haven't tiled it yet, so i'm not currently using it.)

    i've been setting up a small picnic table with grabite slabs on top next to the oven for cutting and serving the pizzas when they're done. everyone would congregate in the kitchen where the pizzas were ending up, which is also where i toss/top, so i coudn't get back and forth to cook the pizzas! the point is, i'll be glad when it's finished to have that extra make/cut space, and i'm sure you will too.
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      my extension has never interfered with getting to the back of the oven with the peel or any of the other tools. it is very helpful when you have more than one dish cooking. often we'll have two chickens and a veggie in all at the same time and its nice to be able to pull pans out onto the ledge when rotating the chickens. without the extension, rotating multiple dishes would really be a pain. as an added benefit, during the summer i have been using the oven and ledge to store my tools while i build a trellace over the oven . (but soon the temps here will drop below 90 and i'll be cooking again !!)
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