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Fireclay in the hearth floor?

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  • Fireclay in the hearth floor?

    By way of intrduction:
    I am an Optometrist in the Jacksonville area, and have started a project at my "fishing place" in Crescent Beach. A friend recently renovated a 1950 vintage house on Little Pottsburg Creek, and found nearly two pallets of firebrick under the old porch, apparently used as fill.
    I have decided to build an Alan Scott style oven out of these firebrick.

    I have poured a slab, and completed the oven stand, now ready to pour the hearth floor.

    My question is this-- Should I incorporated fireclay into the concrete layer
    of the hearh floor? And if so, at what proportion?

    I would appreciate any insight on this subject.

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    Re: Fireclay in the hearth floor?

    Welcome, We have some alan scott style bread oven builders here. The fireclay layer under the hearth floor mostly dates from the time when builders used vermiculite concrete for their under-floor insulation, and were left with a rough surface that needed to be leveled before laying down the floor. This is less important if you use modern refractory insulation blocks under the floor which leave a smooth surface. I just laid my bricks down on top of my insblock19 insulation.

    Re-reading your question, it's about fireclay in the support slab. The answer is no - you want regular portland-sand-gravel concrete for maximum strength. This slab holds up a lot of weight, and under the insulation it won't get hot anyway, just warm to the touch.
    My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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      Re: Fireclay in the hearth floor?

      appreciate your response