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Yet another Super Isol Question

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  • Yet another Super Isol Question

    Hi all,
    I recently purchased all the gear I need for my oven, including the insulating board to go under my floor tiles. I am wondering however, since the plans call for 2 inches of super isol and the board i have is only one inch thick, do I need to double up on my board to get the required thickness? I purchased the stuff from Darley in Victoria, Australia. Anyone else do the same and have the same question? Or perhaps you just went ahead with the board the way it was? If anyone can let me knnow it would be great thanks.

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    Re: Yet another Super Isol Question

    I would be tempted to go up to 2" if it isn't too expensive. The labor/effort is almost zero, and I think your oven would do a better job of holding heat in the cooking floor.

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      Re: Yet another Super Isol Question

      I agree with James, this is something you can't change later. I've bought into the extra insulation and have 3" insul. board underneath and have bought ceramic blanket that should provide 3" of dome coverage. Two benefits I believe will be are less wood required to heat the dome and that the heat will be retained for a longer time. My two cents.

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