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  • Brick size

    Hi everyone,

    I am yet to start building my oven, but am slowly collecting bits and pieces to help me make the cost as low as possible.

    Anyway, I have just picked up these bricks and wondered if there were any issues with using non-standard size bricks? Are there any issues with the large size causing increased expansion and therefore increased mortar cracking? Or any other issues regarding ease of use??

    64 large bricks on eBay, also, Bricks, Building Materials Supplies, Business, Office Industrial (end time 24-Feb-08 12:53:40 GMT)

    I am planning on using them so the large face forms the interior surface of the dome and hope that I can get sufficient mortar between them to hold it all together.

    Apologies if these questions have been asked before, I've looked but couldn't find any!!

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Brick size

    They look like they will work fine.

    But they will probably require some extensive cutting. Which means a large saw.
    It looks like to me, they would have to be cut in half....

    But if they are made for heaters they should work great for an outdoor oven.

    To me, I think they would be a bunch of fun to cut and form a dome out of them, but they will require more planning and work.

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      Re: Brick size

      It's going to be hard to cut those big tiles into the trapezoids you need for a dome. It's do-able but every layer will have to be cut differently. You may want to make a quarter size dome out of shirt cardboards and tape to give you a sense of what you are getting yourself in for.

      As for using them whole, and filling the gaps with mortar, I don't think that's going to work at all.
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        Re: Brick size

        sounds like a challenge, I will post and let people know how I get on. I like the idea of making a model, I'll give it a go.