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More specific instructions?

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  • More specific instructions?

    I have read through the provided plans and not wanting to leave anything to chance are there any specific drawings or is that what the forum is for?

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    Re: More specific instructions?

    Hey Chestnut,
    I was just pouring over the printed pdf plans myself at lunchtime and making notes with other peoples forum posts. I've been doing searches since last month to do exactly what your doing and there are minor differences from the "approved" plans but it makes me feel more confident in that there are a few ways to do things & they all seem to work out well. I'm drawing out my 42" oven now and can't decide between 18,19 or 20" height but from looking at pic's from Acoma, Ken524, DrakeRemorey and RCLake, I've figured out how I'm going to do my oven opening and flue. Hope your project planning is as fun as mine has been.
    By-the-way: My Mom & uncle live in London Ky. If you come across a guy named Spiro with a heavy Kentucky drawl yet oddly mixed in with a heavy Greek accent, that's him.
    Good luck,
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      Re: More specific instructions?

      Each build is unique to itself no matter how much you copy something from our members. As Dino stated, look thru threads of complete builds and pick and chose. It's a fun process.

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        Re: More specific instructions?

        RC's got it right. Depending on budget, availability of materials, and personal skill, every oven will be different. If in doubt, just buy a prefab. oven from FB. It'll save a lot of headaches and not cost that much more than if you pay retail prices for all the materials.

        Then again, if you like adventure, I'd recommend you build your own.
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          Re: More specific instructions?

          I think I know what he's asking. I am planning on building this spring. The plans are excellent but there's a lot you have to figure out on you own. The plans don't give you dimension/cut - just general guidelines.

          Just like George said it's up to the builder to "make the oven" your own. The Forum helps to "fill in the gaps" and to answer questions/offer advice.

          I live in Cincinnati, so buying a pre fab wasn't an option due to the shipping. I woudln't be able to start this if it wasn't for the plans, James and this forum. I'm also lucky in that I have been able to get all of my supplies locally except the FB blanket.

          If you're at least a little handy I know you can do this!

          Good luck.