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    Just finished my 42"dome and entry arch, pics to be loaded soon , About to start entry arch and vent. I intend to fit a stainless steel Flue. Just need clarification on a few points.

    1/. Would a flue with an 8" internal diameter suffice, or would a 10" be better. I know the plans say 8" for a 42" but a saw on another post it was 6-8" for 32", and 10" for 42".........?

    2/. Single or twin walled flue ? The heat is leaving, can't see the point of keeping the flue I missing the point of a twin walled flue ?

    3/ Got a shed 2m high and a very high fir tree about 4 metres from where flue will be, along one side - nothing else near the oven. Would a 50cm flue pipe suffice or will I need to go higher ?

    Thanks in advance


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    1. An 8" is adequate for a 42" oven, but you can't overflue an oven with this configuration so go to 10" if you want.
    2. You only need a double walled flue if you are penetrating a roof.
    3. 50 cm is pretty short, I'd be wanting the smoke to exit higher than that. You don't want smoke in your face.4 m should be plenty of room from the tree.
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      Thanks for the advice, David.