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  • MJ's Portable Oven

    That's MichiganJim

    I want to log this oven because it's going to happen....

    Updated Design:

    a 40" Pizza oven

    Ferrocrete reinforced hearth tray/box that is 48 inches wide

    FB board and vermiculite cement under the hearth firebricks (inside the hearth box)

    Build the dome on the hearth bricks using 1/3 bricks with a thin layer of FB mix over the dome, then FB Blanket and Vermiculite cement finish with FRC stucco.

    Previous discussion was here:

    MJ (aka XJ)
    sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!

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    Re: MJ's Portable Oven

    Jim, I've been pondering a mobile oven for a while myself & had posted this sketch for a steel frame a week or so back for someone else interested in a portable.

    This would take the place of any masonry hearth as FB board/cal-sil would go right over this frame after it was skinned with steel. The sketch is just the heavy steel channel with lighter angle or channel to support the center of the floor.

    I think it would weigh around 450-500 lbs ready for insulation.