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Dome on oven floor?

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  • Dome on oven floor?

    Has anyone put there oven dome on the oven floor? Other than not being able to remove a potential damaged floor brick, are there other pros or cons?

    Thank you


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    Michael, I built mine on the floor after reading many many threads. Seems like it really does not matter except floor inside requires more precision cuts with some small possible benefits. Try doing a search using the format shown in my attachment. Searching that way seems to be more efficient than using the forum search engine.
    You can replace "dome on floor" with any term or combination of terms, such as pizza AND anchovies, which will look for posts with both terms, or with quotation marks like "anchovie pizza" which will only find those terms together. I don't think you can do that with much success using the FB search.

    dome on floor fornobravo
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