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  • Bricks choise

    I would like to know witch bricks are suitable to buy for 36" oven.
    I can find rectangular and wedge bricks.
    My thought is to start the first raw with rectagular brick cutted in half and the other raws to continue with the wedge bricks.
    The size of bricks are:

    Both must be cut in half, but which bricks to choose?

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    If the taper would fit your height as desired then that would be great. When I looked at bricks they were like 3 times the price so flat it is. Just make sure you won't be rounded over to early or you will have problems.



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      The tapered bricks may not give you the correct angle for the dome depending on the diameter of your oven. During construction of the dome, your IT will determine the angle of tilt of the brick. This may or may not match the taper of the brick you are looking at. This is add one more variable to deal with. Unless you get a really good price on the tapers over the regular bricks you will probably be better off with the standard rectangular brick. That said, the taper bricks may work well for the vent chamber, inner and outer arches. You need to see if the radius will work for you.
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        The tapered bricks could however come in handy when you build your arch, depending on style. If you go hemispherical you might be able to get away without having to taper the arch bricks, which with my 10 inch saw required coming in from two sides and lots of attention to detail.
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          You can use tapered brick and indeed get very tight joints if you arrange the tapered bricks plus a joint spacer say 2 mm in a circle you will have the size of the oven .the taper will then .
          Make the perfect Half circle dome


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            Regards the above cut the taper to the sides to suit the required angle of each course


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              I think i will go with rectangular bricks cutted in half.
              Also the cost is a paramater that i will put rectangular bricks.