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Building a Pompei Oven in a Piaggio Ape

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  • Building a Pompei Oven in a Piaggio Ape

    Dear Pizza Lovers,

    I have been reading in silence on this site for years but this is my first post here so here it goes; I am a AVPN trained pizzaiolo based in Amsterdam and maybe I can get my hands on a nice little Piaggio Ape. Now I came accross this blog post:
    My idea is to construct the Pompei Oven kit myself but I need help with the measurements. Does anybody here has some experience with this? Should I build the oven with the mouth (?! In italian the entrance of the oven is called bocca) to the back or to the side?

    Any help is much appreciated!! And offcourse if I can help with anything just ask.

    Cordiali saluti,