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Why does the slab need to be 2-3" above ground?

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  • Why does the slab need to be 2-3" above ground?

    Hello again,

    Aesthetically, we would prefer to "bury" the slab upon which our 30" or 36" is going to be built. We are in Southern California (in case frost is any kind of factor, we don't really have any). What is the rationale for the recommendation that slab be built to extend 2-3" above ground? Can we get away with building it level (and maybe even later covering it with mulch) or pebbles?

    Thank you.

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    There is no reason to have a slab at all let alone have it above ground level. You could build a footing for the wall and have the lot below ground level. I believe the use and location (sic) height of a slab is more a function of most people using the area under the hearth slab for timber storage and wanting to keep it dry.


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      Yes, you can pour it below grade. You could then lay pavers inside to elevate the wood storage area above grade.
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        As rising damp can be an issue for the oven, a stand built on a slab that is slightly higher than ground level can be advantageous.Another good preventative measure is to seal between the supporting slab and the insulation. Also avoid sprinklers hitting the stand.
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