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Wood fired oven in a screened in patio...Possible?

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  • dakzaag
    I agree with most of the points already made. The critical issue will be the flue location and how it intersects with the roof. For code and safety concerns, you will need to treat the whole thing as a fireplace, even though it is almost the opposite. I would extend the porch roof to cover the oven for water management reasons. Or you could have a separate roof for the oven. Some people like the igloo look, but I would think that you would be better off with a custom built oven in that case. It may be possible to angle the chimney back away from the porch roof and avoid an actual penetration of the roof, but the look of such a design could end up awkward and poorly executed. With a custom unit, a rear chimney exit could be built in and avoid the porch roof, or at least put it at the edge.
    I have looked at this issue for several years and I concluded that you will have to respect the clearances of a chimney no matter what if you are setting the oven on the edge of a patio/porch. Of course keeping the footprint of the oven off the porch gives you more room inside the screen, so it is worth the effort to figure out what works best for you. I suspect you will find it easier to run the flue through the roof and deal with clearances and flashing so the oven can be outside the enclosed area. A chimney sweep or mason will be able to help you with code compliance/installation.
    I personally completed the roof portion of my patio last year and had my oven temporarily positioned at the edge of the structure. It does not pass code, and I don't recommend even a temporary set up like this because it is very easy for this to become permanent. I have since removed the oven and now am ready to build the permanent unit with a proper chimney that butts up to the edge of the roof. Combustion clearances and proper flashing will be integrated into the chimney. I am placing it in the corner of the patio and cut a 45 degree angle off the corner of the roof to accommodate the eventual oven chimney.

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  • oasiscdm
    There was one that sort of meets your brief 40" billy's in florida I think it was but I will check and change this if ink wrong

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  • SableSprings
    Would you consider having the entire oven in the screened area. The biggest advantage that I see is that waterproofing and maintenance are significantly reduced or eliminated. The downside is that you have to put a chimney through the porch extension roof. Also remember that you're going to need access to wood...if you are planning a screened porch that doesn't have an entry or access to bring wood through, there will be some mess coming into the house. Also, be aware that almost all ovens will smoke a bit out the front until the flue heats up and starts to draw. Make sure that there is adequate venting for that start up smoke possibility. Lots of ovens on this site have been built in enclosures and are reported to be very successful. Keep looking through the builds...and keep in mind almost every oven will be unique in some way. There will be a solution that works well for both the builder and you!

    1) Plan good weight support for the porch
    2) You'll want easy access to the kitchen
    3) Wood storage and access is important
    4) Ash (and/or coal) removal
    5) Counter space for both ingredient prep and pizza serving (or bread cooling)
    6) Room in front of the oven opening for you to work the peel and accommodate the guests that want to watch

    Hope this helps at least a little for planning your house and pizza party area. FYI: We built a corner stand on a larger foundation and then built a screened den around it. Just a thought...

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  • RandyJ
    I don't recall a oven that totally matches your design idea. But if you show your builder some of the other designs that are kind of simular they should easily be able to make what you want. If not are you sure you want them building for you. The problem is that theese are all custom made and no 2 sites are the same. Some may be simular but none the same. It is part of what makes it fun and yours alone. So I would say read through some of the builds get ideas and make a drawing for your builder of roughly what you want. Then let him tell you what he can do.


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  • Wood fired oven in a screened in patio...Possible?

    I hav been lurking for years and am getting ready to buy a forno oven. I have a question that I just can't seem to find pictures of.
    I have a screened in porch planned for a new home we are building. I just can't figure out the positioning of an oven where only the front of the oven would be inside my screened in patio. I have searched for pictures to show my builder and so far haven't found anything. So, has anyone here done an oven like the one I want to build? If so, problems with it? anyone with pictures of one or more?? Thank you so much..