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tree branches above oven site

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  • tree branches above oven site

    I'm in the planning stages, and the only good spot for my oven has tree branches hanging over it, about 20-25 feet above the ground. The tree is on my neighbor's property, so I can't cut it down, but I think I would be allowed to prune off the offending branches if I asked. there is plenty of clearance around the site, but I'm concerned about hot chimney exhaust setting the tree (and the whole neighborhood along with it) on fire.

    So how much clearance above the chimney is recommended?

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    Do you get the idea hat no one wants I answer your question?
    Recon you could probably answer it yourself.
    Oh can't go wrong with fitting a spark screen over the chimney.
    20 ft a long way over your oven. Mines built in 3 large bushes on 3 sides no problems. But they are green and not that flammable, if I built my oven under a dry tree I might think differently.
    Hope things turn out for you, wood fired ovens are very enjoyable
    Regards Dave
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      You will probably be ok, use your head with a chimney cap and in the fall when the leaves are falling. Also don't over fire the oven and have flames shooting out the chimney. It happens, I have proof.
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        Welcome to the forum. Like Dave, I think that you are well into the clear at 20 to 25 feet above ground for the overhanging limbs. And, I agree with the spark arrestor. You can never go wrong by installing that. I have a few trees that overhang my oven. The pick below was taken when I first fired my oven in late 2011- early 2012. At that ime, I noticed leaves being disturbed by the heat flume from the oven. I was a little conserned also. I was going to cut some trees. Life got into the way, and I never cut the trees. But, I have fired the oven at least bimonthly, year round since then. Those limbs leaves don't dance in the heat flume any more. They ain't there. I honestly believe that the oven has helped the trees to self-prune the smaller limbs.

        Again, welcome to the forum .
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          I think you will be just fine. I had branches lower than that and had no issues at all. I had the tree trimmed but it had nothing to do with worrying about fire . I did not want a storm to drop a branch on the oven. My guess is that my branches were only about 15' up.