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  • Plans?

    I'm a new member and this is my 1st post. Recently purchased an Argentine Grill, which will eventually fitted to a brick or stone cooking station. I'm trying to complement it with a wood fired oven, and hope there are plans out there for an offset smoker / pizza / general oven rather than the normal dome. The cooking station will be exposed to the NW UK weather and on the odd occasion it might see the sun, so it will need to be rain and frost resistant. Does it exist, can anyone point me in the right direction. ?

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    There are not planes so to say for what you are talking about, but there is one that has been built to do what you want to .

    I am sure the he would be willing to answer a few questions, but if you read the build you can see what he did. It is pretty simple and effective. Good luck.



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      Here is one that someone in the UK did, no plans per se but a nice build none the less.
      Google Photo Album []