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  • loose insulation on base

    Hey guys I am rebuilding my Pizza oven and I want to maximize the insulation on it this time. Now this is hard to explain.

    8 inches of permicrete laid 1 inch wider than the base of the entire oven but only goes level with the inside of the dome. so the centre is hollow with some rio 2 inches from the top of the 8 inches going through the permicrete. make a small permicrete brick for the very centre of the rio for support. fill the inside with 6 inches of loose vermiculite level with the rio and lay x2 2inch boards of ceramic fibre board inset level with the permicrete and then lay 2 more boards of ceramic fibre board on top of the entire thing.

    My though is it only needs the percmirete stability under downward force of the walls. The rest can be loose. and the rio with and centre support will be enough support for the floor.

    I know this is major overkill but that is what I am going for. Any thoughts on whether this will be enough support for the floor and for the walls and whether or not it is worth it. Loose versus permicrete

    I cannot find any info on this. I also could not find any details on the insulation difference between loose vermiculite and vermicrete