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  • Check my Figures?

    Hey all

    I am planning to build a neapolitan pizza oven and am trying to work out how many fire bricks I need. The bricks are 230mm x 114mm x 76mm.

    The pizza oven will be 1150mm internal diameter (1380mm external diameter after adding the depth of the bricks), this number comes from deciding on a 1100 oven then working out for the floor that there would be less small pieces and waste with 1150mm as the bricks are 230mm x 114 which both go into 1150 evenly in the dimension they are layed .

    I am planning one row of soldiers and the arches will be 500mm x 240mm plus the width of the bricks so 730mm total width, the soldier bricks are 76mm thick and the circumference of floor is 3612 minus the arch (730) equals 2882 which I work out to 37 bricks 2882/76=37 Soldiers

    The dome will be 380mm high (which is 33% of the diameter) from floor to the highest point, the soldiers will sit outside of the floor so will lose 76mm in height so the remainint height above the floor will be 154 so the cap height will be 226 above the top of the soldiers.

    Calculate the sufrace area of the dome using formula Surface Area = π(r2 + h2) so 3.14159(6892 + 2262) = 1651839mm2

    Surface area of the end of a brick is 76*114=8664mm2

    1651839/8664 = 191/2 = 96 Dome bricks cut in half

    The floor area is 1038690mm2, a brick is 26220mm2 on the largest surface so on calculation alone that works out to 1038690/26220 = 39 but with cuts and where I can use offcuts I think it will be 40 plus 9 bricks for the archway floor (500mm x 460mm)

    I am buying the 2 arches so no calculation required.

    So I make it out to be:

    Soldiers = 37
    Dome Cap = 96
    Floor = 49

    Total = 182

    I expect there to be mistakes etc so would probably order 192

    What do you think, does this sound correct?

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    deejayoh developed a spread sheet for calculating cut angles for dome ovens. As part of the spreadsheet, it approximates the brick numbers. Here is the link.
    Google Photo Album []


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      Thanks but I don't think it will work for my oven, it is estimating my dome height as 24 inches but mine will be just over 14 inches. I suspect it only does hemispherical domes. Saying that, it has caused me to recheck my calculations and found I miscalculated the circumference of the oven, I used the diameter rather than the radius so I have amended the first post accordingly.