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Am I OK to use a steel drum?

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  • Am I OK to use a steel drum?

    Hi first of all I'd like to say I'm new here and think the site is fantastic! My question is would this work OK?? I'm thinking of building a square up around a steel drum laid on its side and then filling around it with concrete/vermiculite? And then I will use some vermiculite bricks at The bottom of the drum? Its just an idea at this stage as trying to build myself something that could be cost effective. Fire bricks here in The UK are about 3 each

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    I would do a search on steel ovens. This topic has been tossed around a lot and one just recently. A quick search will give you links to the discussions. Understand your cost issues, some UK builders have had success with solid red clay bricks and heater tiles (floor). Casting an oven is an option as well.
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      3 is too much for firebricks - I paid 1.80 for mine. They were mostly side arch bricks - you can find flats for a bit less still.


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        OK cheers guys