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I'm building a small cafe, should I build 2 ovens?

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  • I'm building a small cafe, should I build 2 ovens?

    I'm building a cafe in Japan. The place is spread out over a pretty wide space. I have one side which is a small cafe area where I'll have coffee, wine, pizza this sort of thing. You can sit outside under tent. I was going to put an outdoor cooking area with a small oven there next to the Grill area. I intend to sell bread, but for that I need more space and time. To sell bread here I have to have a separate kitchen from the cafe. I'm building that now, but it will be months in the making since I work alone. So if I build this second , more compact, but also faster heatup time.. I think it may be the best way to go. It allows me to establish my place, flavor, style etc.. I'm interested in people's thoughts on this as well as which oven to build. size etc.. in Japan high heat masonry products are costly, so are specialty insulation types so I am going to move toward using simplest most common materials where possible. It will be outside so I can deal with a little extra bulk. Thanks a lot!

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